• Simple Video Recruitment Software

    Screen candidates in a fraction of the time using state of the art 1-way video interviews.

What is Jobaloon?

Jobaloon is an App/Web platform that allows companies to speed up the recruitment process. Our platform easily integrates existing recruitment tools already in use, or alternatively, It can be used independently.

You just need to send an offer to pre-selected candidates, and have them record a short video so you can have a first impression about their communication skills and degree of assertiveness.

Save time by interviewing face-to-face only those candidates that possess the key competencies that you’re looking.

How does Jobaloon work?

Finding the best talent has never been so easy! Many people initially think that Skype can play the same role than a tool such as Jobaloon, but this is not the case. Jobaloon works differently and offers much more functionality. Below is an example of a typical job flow:

Video Recruitment with your current tools

No need to change or modify your current recruiting tools. Jobaloon integrates with your business processes and systems through an API. It works with your current process and increases the efficiency of your work.

Invite your pre-selected candidates

Add automatically the mobile numbers of the candidates you have preselected using your current tools. The software sends an invitation by SMS to each one of the candidates with instructions on how to download the App and record a short video, based on the specific questions that you want them to respond to.

Watch the videos of the candidates

Access Jobaloon at any time and in any place, from the office computer or, if on the field, from a mobile phone or a tablet. Share and have the videos reviewed by other ‘stakeholders’ to make better decisions.

Accept and interview face-to-face only the best candidates

Rate, compare opinions with your team or clients and decide with whom it makes sense to have a face-to-face interview. With Jobaloon, accept only the candidates that best fulfill the requirements of each position to save time, effort and money.

Optimize your process. Save Time and Money.
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